The Gift of Rain

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Well it’s been raining a lot all summer and that has sent the zucchini, squash, and tomatoes into the compost heap; a bit sooner than expected.  Pulled out all the onions before they joined their friends in the compost . . . . . . .  they are now drying nicely in the shed.  Then we walked down the driveway to check the mail, and sharp little eyes spotted cinnamon chanterelles growing on the creek bank.  Whooot!  So we got the mail and made a paper bag with the junk mail to gather the mushrooms in.  Walked home, left the mail there, and followed the creek into the woods to look for more, and more we found.  To our delight, we discovered that the rain has left behind a gift:  chanterelle’s that are fruiting prolifically and laccaria ochropurpurea a.k.a purple-gilled laccaria.  We all prefer the mushrooms over what went into the compost, so one door closes and the other opens, making for new meals as the wheel turns.

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About creekrose

dreamer, mama, lover, worldbridger; i write to keep my hand moving and sometimes it lines up with my thoughts or feelings and expresses through words what once was hidden . . . . then i learn for what it is i yearn and am a student all over again: i paint in the same vein, and so the cup keeps on emptying/filling depending on the perspective . . . ....

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  1. Ah yes. It truly is a gift. For me at this time, don’t have to water. Being taken care of from the Divine.

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