a daytrip with plants

awaken outside to the asiatic dayflower’s bright blue hue . .. .
eyes drift and see the gladiola blooming a second time (!)
the marshmallow still holds the morning dew
as does the comfrey around the corner . . . .
butterfly weed bends to touch the grass
while the dahlias and zinnia converse
and the roses their perfume disperse.
chicory and queen anne nod their heads
and echinecea has just now some petals shed
the hops are happy, powder filled, yellow
peppers between tulsi, her smell strong yet mellow
butterfly to cleome has things to say
another sipping nectar with anise hyssop does play.
papery rustling buds stand tall
and later, a ginseng surprise reminding us of fall . . . .
journey’s end . . . . a light glowing mystery around the bend.




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