A Song of Love

A  Song of Love

I see what I used to be.

I see what I longed to see.

At last I know my dream will come true.

At last.

At last I know my dream will come true, but my dream is a flower of love.

Don’t be too sure that your dream will come true as mine did.

My dream was not just a dream.

It was a wish come true, upon a wishing star so bright, at last I see the light of me.

All that matters to me now, is all of me now.

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About creekrose

dreamer, mama, lover, worldbridger; i write to keep my hand moving and sometimes it lines up with my thoughts or feelings and expresses through words what once was hidden . . . . then i learn for what it is i yearn and am a student all over again: i paint in the same vein, and so the cup keeps on emptying/filling depending on the perspective . . . ....

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  1. Wow. What a beautiful poem.

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