Spirit Doll Playshop

A Journey in Creation:


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making a helping friendly doll

Doll making is an ancient form of creating that is transformational, fun, and often times therapeutic. “Spirit” dolls are figures infused with the intention of their creator, carrying an essence within them:  the seed of an idea, a strength, or a wisdom that grows, which can be trusted and relied on. They are made with a range of materials: sticks, twigs, cloth, bark, wool, ribbon, feathers, beads, paper, bottles, and more.

Come spend a day in a peaceful woodland setting, during which time you will explore and create your own doll, from idea to skeleton to ‘fleshing’ it out, to dressing it up, to adorning it until it is complete and represents your vision.

All supplies will be provided. Personal tokens can be brought along to be included in your creation . . . these would be anything that has meaning to you, such as feathers, gemstones, jewelry, a poem, a piece of paper, cloth (scarves, old clothes that you have and no longer wear but are keeping because they hold special memories), or an acorn that you found on a walk. If you keep journals with ideas, bring them along to look through.

Before coming, think about what kind of doll you would like to make: a guardian angel, a doll for the kitchen to get your culinary juices flowing, a letting-go doll, a crone, a warrior, a fertility doll, a zodiac doll, and so on.

Doll making is a lot of fun, our girls especially enjoy it .. .. be it spirit dolls/art dolls/paper dolls . . .. our youngest daughter loves making them so much that she has given almost everyone we know a doll as a gift; they do make wonderful presents.

Do bring lunch; we’ll have bites to share when we break from crafting to nourish ourselves with food 🙂

Time: 10:30 p.m – 4:30 p.m
Date: Monday, September 29th 2013

Location: Dreamsong Homestead

Ages 10 and up

Contact:  sewirie@yahoo.com with questions and to sign up


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