somethings show their most beautiful selves
as buds
barely hinting at the gift
held back
slight visible nuances of what is
to come

others shine bright
soaking in the light
opening hearts

somethings hold their most beautiful selves
as seeds
spirals arrayed in showy display
faces turned to the sun
openly invisible
as yet

others open wide
from the inside
taking root in hearts


4 thoughts on “beauty

  1. Simply lovely 😉 thank you for the wonderful surprise you sent for my birthday, Creekrose. We absolutely are touched and delighted with all. The lovely wood fairy has taken her place on the mantle with our other fairy and the spring eggs. The healing ointment is simply wonderful…. clearly better than the Burt’s Bees Rescue ointment we’ve been using. Thank you so much for remembering us, and for your lovely painting. You and your mother brightened our day 😉 Giant hugs, WG ❤

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