Fresh Rose petals minced into pancake batter, flecking and infusing the bread with red. Fresh Rose petals chopped and sprinkled over honey cakes, eat love hot from the griddle where Jasper liberally drops flakes of butter around the sizzling batter while he sings and burbles and the pancakes chatter.

Daily beginning side by side, cuddling close in the dark last night, lightening flashed through every window from all directions while fireflies talked with stars. He covered his eyes and made Ai-ai-aa-ee sounds as thunder joined with rumbling rounds and everything was electric.

We walk almost daily down and over the ruts and rocks breathing in the scent of Wild Roses all the way.  A delicate fragrance, as elegant as the white petals that curl and drop off in showery show.  A subtle note of citrus, its color the same as those orange pollen bearing anthers that powder the nose leaning into the center of the rose for a deep inhale.  A handful gathered and digested makes nostrils flare and then the whole world shifts and there’s glittering in the air.

Creamy coral mushrooms are colonizing. They have a shimmering energy where their tops touch. Snail eye stalks.  What are they passing on one to the other along curved crumbly reef ridges? Invisible bridges appear and on the flittering wings of butterflies I see the same shimmering. Glimmering on the streams around swallows. Rippling around. Carrying messages on frequencies insight. Glowing, growing, glistening, gleaning.

Rocks, for leaning against at the river’s side.   Being with water, daughters, a son filling liquid into one shoe and pouring it in the other, bringing it to his mother. Slow steady summer days, pockets full of stones. Focusing. Studying. Listening. Stone Song. Heart of stone. Cold as stone. Stone People listen to all the strife that’s rife, the wails and woes, the gloom and doom, the liturgical chants numerous and varied from mourning to morning doves coos; wouldn’t you have to be as cold as stone, as hard as rock to absorb all of it without cracking and quaking instantaneously under the enormity of it all?

Watching Snail climb toward the aqua ruffles frilling around a fallen stick. His shell is etched with patterns, the colors of who he is marked on his abode. Moving with him wherever he goes, muscles elongate and retract. He’s busy being who he is. Intent. Content. Silent.  Serene.  Still.  His shell protects his gift of Snailness, facilitates his walkabout well, keeps him on track and aligned with what he’s been assigned. He spends no time gazing at the sky, wishing he were a bird and could fly. He Is Snail. Apple is Apple and Orange is Orange. Eat Apple and compare it to Orange is to neither know nor understand what’s what, depreciating of its beingness and one’s own. When an Orange is what’s wanted, fetch one and appreciate it. When none are available, don’t eat Apple while longing for Orange. Go without instead.

Snail senses with snail senses.  Moves with his own shadow.  To walk in the shadow of another is to become smothered.  Step into the shell and emerge with eyes that tell where your shadow lies, watch while yourself dies, and rises: crawls, toddles, runs, dances, swims into your own streaming. What’s in Snail’s Dreaming?


4 thoughts on “crystalize

  1. What beautiful photos 😉 Love the butterflies and coneflowers, and we are enjoying much the same delightful visitors here. Thank you for the beautiful peaches you sent us. How lovely your fruits have grown this summer 😉 We will enjoy them so much and appreciate your kindness. Have encouraged your mother to take time where you suggested- we know it well and love that healing place. We have been greatly blessed by the healing salve you sent us a few months ago. it is wonderful for so many things, and we have used it all. May we purchase another tin of it from you? If you have some made, please let us know your price and we will send it with your mother when she returns later this month. Our love to all- E

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    1. E~
      Thanks, the butterflies have been gloriously happy this year and are fluttering wherever the eye rests outside. The peach tree shared fruits with us in this her fourth year since planting, very exciting! Glad you are enjoying them too, we’re making a wild fermented country wine with the skins and cut off bits that I’m curious to taste . ..
      With the salves, I have a 4 oz. tin ready of what I call ~everything balm~ which is as the name suggests what we use for*everything* (bites, scratches, burns, cracked chapped skin, rashes, aches, brusies, bumps, itching, gardening hands, etc.) . .. . it is 25. The balm you had (muscle/stiffness/aches relief) was in a 4 oz. tin also and I’ll be making that again in the fall (the oils for it are infusing yet with pine and birch pickings, so it has to wait a while till readiness) . .. if you send me the tin back I’ll set it aside for you when I make it again in the fall, let me know if you want the Everything Balm for now. I have an 8 oz. tin of horsetail, prunella, and burdock salve that’s intended for cracked, ragged, bitten nails and those hard areas on the edges of one’s toes/sides of the heels of the feet, a hand and foot salve, it may be of use to you as far as gardener’s hands and itchy bug bitten skin goes . . . the price for that is 35. A happy Tuesday to you and S 🙂

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      1. Creekrose, we enjoyed a few of your peaches as the middle layer of your sister’s oatmeal cinnamon delight last night. Your mom shared the recipe, which she made for me with marmalade and apricots jam. I substitute blackberry jam, sliced peaches and a sprinkling of blueberries. Rumi on the tastebuds, it is 😉 Your peaches are at that perfect stage of ripeness and so sweet. I believe we’ll enjoy a few more with breakfast 😉 I believe my husband has been using the balm you sent us as for ‘everything.’ If you will please share with us the true ‘everything’ balm now, I will return the original tin in anticipation of a refill when the aches relief balm comes ready this fall. I will pass on the 8oz tin, but thank you for the offer of the moisturizer.
        A happy Tuesday to you and yours. He is already out of doors enjoying this beautiful morning, and here I still sit at the computer! Giant hugs, WG ❤

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      2. Oohhlalaaa! Peach and blueberries in combination plus blackberry, my tastebuds are tingling 🙂 Anticipating a bit of rain this evening, so have been swimming in river pools the past few days . . . heavenly! ❤

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