Fairy Tale Charting

I’ve been studying astrology.  I began with tropical but shifted into sidereal placements and study of the 27 nakshatras (indian jyotish astrology) after comparing both my own charts and those of people I know . . . have found sidereal offers a closer picture and a deeper story, sort of zoomed in.  It positions information against constellations where they are above rather than against signs, named after constellations when once upon a time there was an overlay, but over time have shifted about 25 degrees due to the way the Earth moves with a wobble, so they’re no longer representing ‘star’ stories but have evolved into having their own story, sign stories.  The two systems result in two zodiacs with degrees of difference; as they are tools, depending on the interpretation, both systems can be simultaneously valid . . .

As an example, the Spring Vernal Equinox occurs on March 21st, give or take a day here or there, and in tropical astrology this marks the beginning of Aries . . . however, were we to step outside on that day and LOOK at the sky, it is not the constellation of The Ram, from where Aries once derived name, horn, and tale, that is presenting but The Fish . .  . that is to say, 0 degrees Aries in tropical astrology is against a backdrop of fixed stars where 6 degrees Pisces is present in sidereal astrology.  Depending on perspective, one could say that 0 degrees Aries is the same as 6 degrees Pisces, in a certain way, both offer information .  .  . one viewed from here offers this, and move to here and look and it offers this instead.  A combination of the two offers a whole lot, and right now the degree of difference is not so big that the entire chart shifts in a huge way . . . mostly placements may move from one sign to another, some stay in the same place depending on when in a month one was born . . . so a 3 degree Pisces Sun would shift to about 27 degrees Pisces, still in the same sign, maybe in the same area or house, but with nakshatras this makes an interesting difference, as these lunar mansions or asterisms (smaller areas within a mass of fixed stars) carry a tale specific to the degree within a sign rather than as an overall sign based interpretation.

I like to toggle between both zodiacs, see what changes happen to houses and planetary visits; feels like the tropical is more immediate as to day to day but the sidereal digs deeper into purpose . . . kind of like handpicking nits or threading a fine tooth comb and catching them . . . either way it’s nitpicking but the results are a little different!  This blog post offers a bit more detail on the topic of sidereal and tropical systems, an easy read should you be interested.

Anyway, where I’m going with this is:: I’ve been studying astrology for a few years now, am still engaged in study.  Often I have wondered, how would I draw up a chart for someone, firstly without astro.com and secondly, without a birth time or place or even date?  How could I draw a chart without programs or a methodical mathematical approach?  Is there a way that’s immediate, where I could go into the woods with someone and draw a chart for them with a stick on the earth . . . but what would it be based on?  A reply came in a marvellous dream that showed me visually how this is possible . . . fairy tales.

So someone wants an astrological chart interpreted, which requires a chart be drawn up first. Now let’s say they don’t know birth time or place, maybe they don’t even know their birthday (while this may seem far fetched, my great grandmother and grandparents didn’t know their birthdays, more like they had a general idea of time of year and so they picked a date and that was it . . . . ), yet they want a chart for interpretation.  They don’t know what they don’t know, but they’re curious to discover.  On my end I don’t know how to draw an exact degree specific chart on my own to begin with (no computer available in this reality with all the data); so here’s where fairy tales enter . . . I ask them their favorite fairy tales, myth, legend, fable, story, no less than 3, no more than 9, and these become the clues and cues by means of which to fill in the circle, feel toward energy and activity in the wheel of houses with planets and signs, and draw up their ‘chart’::kind of necessary as it’s what gets interpreted, and it’s doable anywhere with ‘tools’ that are available wherever one is.

In dreaming, I was whirling through space atop a pegasus on a mythic ride amidst Cassiopean stars with Andromeda and Perseus and in waking when I examined the fairy tales that showed up I was able to draw up my own chart based on the information in the stories . . . . that said, I know my own chart so potentially this exercise was colored by knowing what I know and I was making things fit to match what I know.  I don’t know but I want to, and that’s where you come in as people whose charts/signs/etc. I know nothing about therefore there is no bias involved.

Once I began thinking about it, other variables began suggesting themselves as to how a chart could be drawn with additions and alternatives to fairy tales.  What I’ve come up with as a starting point is this ::

Leave me a comment or use the correspond form with 3 – 9 of your most beloved fairy tales/myths/gods/goddesses/legends or personalities from the aforementioned . . . the ones that come to mind immediately in the same order they come up in.

I will draw up a chart based on these stories and share with you what it is.

Here’s the more involved part that I’m asking you to do after I share what I find with you . . .

Would you please go to astro.com and on the free horoscopes, click on extended chart selection.

Here you would enter your birth time and date and place information (as much as you do know, if you don’t know the time, pick a time based on when you feel most alive/lively/’born’).

On the chart page, under Options select Whole Signs, and leave it at Tropical first and take a look at your chart, compare it to the fairy tale one . . . . then go back and change Tropical to Sidereal, and where it says Ayanamsha, select Hindu/Lahiri and view the chart, compare this also to the fairy tale one; and theennnnn let me know whether I was remotely close or way off in space!!

If you’d like to try this out but don’t want to do the astro.com bit and don’t mind sharing your birth details with me via Correspond or Comment, then you could give me the information and I can compare the difference afterward on my own.  This is vital to validating the effectiveness of this ‘method’!

Your participation would be of great assistance to me in figuring out this fairy tale charting dream, and in return I’d like to send you a print of my art as a token of gratitude . . .

. . . you can select the one you’d like from the images below::  they’re 5 x 7 or 7 x 5 in size, prints are either of my plant creations or paintings, and all are Giclee’s on archival paper with white borders; some have deckled edges, some are straight cut . . ..

. . .tell me it’s name as well as your name and mailing address  . . . .  should none of the available prints be to your tastes, I’m happy to make you a unique work of art based on your story selections coupled with my findings (Comment or Correspond with me about your preference).

I’m not entirely certain how long this will require to get done once I’ve gathered your information; I’m guessing 2- 4 weeks, could be more could be less!


Speak your peace . . .

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