There is a place called home, far away from Rome, from where we roam and return. Season’s turning and the garden we seeded and grew this year is drawing near to close.  It gave of itself as a place of pleasure, work and leisure, medicine food and flowers, sitting with butterflies for hours, crooning bees,…


Serpent and human Sunbathing beauties on rocks River welcomes all


Three worlds in one place Surface concealing below Blue sky meets water

Star Kissed

Fairy bundles dancing down dewy webs in the morning; sublime!


Deep in the woods there are spaces surprisingly lively and light, nestled between the bases of big old trees and rocks that beckon, come sit a while and listen to our tales; these old mountain stones hold them stored deep in their green and red veined faces, once in a while they share them to…

fire fire

in common places the eternal flame ignites imagination ignites the eternal flame in common places