Serpent and human
Sunbathing beauties on rocks
River welcomes all





Deep in the woods there are spaces surprisingly lively and light, nestled between the bases of big old trees and rocks that beckon, come sit a while and listen to our tales; these old mountain stones hold them stored deep in their green and red veined faces, once in a while they share them to the drumming of woodpecker’s beak drilling deep in the woods.

Deep in the woods it’s easy walking in springtime when the forest floor is free of fern and cohosh, the canopy above as yet unformed by leaves still in the teeniest of unfurling stages.

Deep in the woods there are surprising conversations taking place in nestled spaces, where rocks and trees gesture, welcome.




smilacina and solomon

i won’t play you false

this is not solomons seal,

though the ripened ruby berries taste deliciously maple

this is not solomons seal:

it’s a pretender


davids harps’ blossoms dangle,

though the elegant berries have blue blood they’re toxic

solomons seal marks the roots

tonic medicine