A Mushroomy Day

Today was a golden day.  The spend all day outside walking about golden honey warm sort of day where everything glows.  The sit by the creek and play with leaves, make fairy homes with twigs, hickory shells, acorns and moss kind of day that comes out of the blue sky as surprising as the unexpected chirrrr of Kingfisher flying over the pond in search of fish.  The kind of day that mushrooms and the next thing you know there’s mushrooms popping out everywhere, some edible, some really pretty in an intoxicating way best left to brownies and gnomes who know best what to do with them during their festivities gathered around in rings.  Today was a day where the trees didn’t speak much nor did the wind sing, but the earth was wreathed with smiles and cushiony places to sit and share in her graces.  Today was a golden day evoking wonder and gratitude.



fire fire


in common places

the eternal flame ignites


ignites the eternal flame

in common places

smilacina and solomon

i won’t play you false

this is not solomons seal,

though the ripened ruby berries taste deliciously maple

this is not solomons seal:

it’s a pretender


davids harps’ blossoms dangle,

though the elegant berries have blue blood they’re toxic

solomons seal marks the roots

tonic medicine