Mid-Summer Swinging

O will you lay with me
Beneath a shady tree,
On a ship we’ll set a sail
Row out to meet a whale,
Under the clear bright skies
We’ll swing and shut our eyes,
O will you come with me
Out to the apple tree.

summer days . . .  Continue reading


Odes to Nature

About a month ago I went to the opening of my first solo art show on Friday the 5th at The Blue Phoenix Cafe. Downtown galleries open their doors till about 8:30 every first Friday of the month, celebrating the opening evening of new exhibits and the streets are busy with people getting together, chittering and chattering, around paintings, wine, cheese, fruit, and in the case of The Blue Phoenix, superb vegetarian fare like sushi, brown rice burgers (delicious), and hummus. Continue reading

Turning Over

Turning over to a new year as orbits intersect and give us vernal equinox, springing crocuses, daffodils, rainbows, and warm wormy soil to dig around in.

Winter was mild this year, dry, low on rain and snow although we received a driveway frozen at the last minute, winter winds blew in to say, We’re going to play one last time before leaving, leave you with a bit of ice, nice?  It came and it went,  both equally quickly, feels like winter is spent and here we are at the beginning, gathered around our Haft Seen Sofreh, ringing in Nowrooz with blessings for one another, blessings for all . . . Continue reading

metamorphosis equalizes

~~blessed trails and a magical equinox to you this day as we turn toward buttery pies and darkening skies ahead::it’s a digging into the worm rich soil, a skeletal stalky garden with seedheads silhouetted bird food here, a hint of green in plantain, lettuce, kale, grasshopper basking in the sun while the busy ants make the most of the time left to them before it’s down under, one door closing to another opening:: a tunneling into hills, burrows and dens to spring out of::later when these butterflies wake up in mexico and the warming earth we’ll hoe into furrows, for now:: though summer’s at end, autumn, hinting golden gloriously tawny, is right on the curvaceous bend::we’re celebrating all the radiant cycles of life this red sky walking night, may your hearth fires burn bright!~~

sola luna


this is the eve of a full moon with both venus and jupiter in the heavens, so close yet so far away.  these days i walk with one or the other, some days all, of the children::outside.  we make elixers to sip on with petals and water set out to be kissed by the suns’ rays, the moons beatific beams. fairy potions stirred with selenite.  they ask questions about the flowers. we ask the flowers questions about themselves. the flowers ask us about ourselves.  they show us how to seek:: to look at insects found in betwixt and tween.  at a lone drop of dew sparkling rainbows.  at a silken web left in the grasses by something tiny, what is it? at a bee crawling into orbs as yet unopened.  some times our gaze is soft, sometimes in focus; heightened. if we have it, we share the camera. Continue reading

Nowrooz Felicitations

Today is Nowrooz, where light and dark are present equally.  It is the one consistent celebration that has traveled with me from place to place, the one constant that traveled with my migratory family from place to place.  It is in our bones and sings to us wherever we might be:: the irresistible call :: to sacred fire, to cleansing as the Fish depart from the zodiac, closing a cycle opening into new energy and rebirth, ancestral rites and heritage honored in gesture and spirit.

Nowrooz has been with me since my birth and lives by my side, inside, outside . . . some years I haven’t made a ‘sofreh’ (altar) others I have, but sofreh or no, Nowrooz has been celebrated sometimes with sprigs of wildflowers, an offering of watercress, an arrangement of rocks, or simply with the intention brought to the moment; it is the one thing of my heritage that is a consistent constant in our children’s evolving lives as we co-create together.  In prepraytion:: we wash the windows the better to see through, we wash the floors to touch anew, we dust so we smell freshness, we give away and clear space to make room for changing tastes, we go inward and choose at this juncture how to dance forward listening with open ears, we tend a fire and leap over it releasing the pallor, the stale, the tasteless of the old year, in song given voice we ask the redness of flame to brighten us for the new year, and we create our sofreh with 7 items beginning with letter Seen (in farsi) along with other symbols of personal significance.  This year I share a picture of our seven seen sofreh with you, along with what the items symbolize:::

apple for sweet beauty and love, garlic for health, sumac berries for the color of the lightbringer the sun, wine for age and patience, sprouts for rebirth and growth, hyacinth for scent and fragrance, and coins for prosperity and abundance:: those are the 7 Seens and they are all medicine.

I also included candles for illumination, oracle cards for divinatory insight, a mirror to reflect these symbols back amplified, the children brought a nest from the rose bush with a hawk feather, a butterfly, and a mineral heart, and in the pond the koi awaken from the warmth brought by Aries.

The number seven personifies aspects of temporal creation: fire, air, water, earth, plants, animals and human beings. It represents seven concepts: awareness and wisdom, excellence, self-reliance and sovereignty, peace, wholeness, perseverance, and purpose. It invokes seven undertakings: generosity of spirit, generosity of word, material generosity, support of relation (human, elemental, plant, animal)  in need, inclusiveness, integrity, and remembrance. Seven aspires to affirming personal goals for the new year’s journey grounded in grace with renewed energy and a positive outlook toward relationships, health, nurturance, and keeping the eternal flame kindled.

The sofreh will be a focal point for thirteen days after which, on the full moon, the hyacinth bulbs and garlic shall be planted in lunar soaked soil where they will grow.  The sumac berries are infusing the wine, which mixed with a bit of honey make an elixir to be savored.  The coins shall be distributed amongst the children, the sprouts sent off in the flowing waters of the creek, and the apple given to the chickens.  And with a bit of luck we may visit with friends too 🙂

Thank you for reading my posts.  I appreciate it.

May this auspicious time expand you in new ways, may you be healed and made whole, may joy take root in your heart and flourish, may you walk in love with hope to hold your hand and spirit in your hearth, may your longings and dreams become songs, may this miraculous life be savored by you, and may the Universe be a better place for it; a very Happy Nowrooz to you!

Sofreh Haft Seen
Sofreh Haft Seen