Garden of Life


The garden is popping and lively now at the height of summer.  Echineacea and zinnias provide a place for butterflies to convene and sip while sitting.  The zinnias are beautiful.  I love how their petals curl open from the center, forming swirl upon swirl of soft tongues that shape a whole flower head.  Amidst them the zucchinis and squashes are growing bigger than ever, thriving off the straw and shavings we spread in the beds last autumn from in the chicken coop, and the bees are heard and seen climbing around inside their bright yellow blossoms.  Lamb’s quarters are sending silvery powdery seed clusters out and the mint is running rampant.  When we walk through the bed and brush against them, they release refreshing scents all around.  Continue reading


Amazing Hatching

It was three weeks ago when I went out to feed our hens. We currently have 12 hens and 3 roosters. I emerged from the coop and heard a most suspicious peeping sound. Looking to investigate, I entered the run and, there in the highest nesting box, was a hen with three chicks!

I got them some food and water and put it up on the flat, wooded perches outside the nesting box and stood back to watch. This is a funny time for hatching chicks, but it has not been that cold lately. Continue reading


One of our chickens, a Silver Hamburg to be exact, had been acting funnily for some time: puffing up and squawking whenever any one came near her; chicken, dog, cat or human.  Of course I had no idea of what to make of it so I left her alone. Now we also had a broody hen, a Buff Rock, that we moved to a big tub where she sat on a dozen eggs. The tub was covered in metal wire.  She is a hen that we hatched out a few years ago, as is the Silver Hamburg, and the roosters too.
Continue reading

When 14 is not enough: Cock’s Fight

Two roosters and fourteen hens

Seems like there’s plenty to share,

But those roosters just don’t care

To divide between them seven and seven,

Neat and tidy, half and half

No sense of humor they won’t even laugh,

Instead it’s to  a cock fight they go

Swaggering and shaking their feathers you know,

While they tuck their heads down then jump up high

Spurs digging into necks, pecking at eyes!!!

~~~~~ poor rhyming verse aside, it’s amazing that they won’t divide up the bounteous booty and feel the need to have it All to themselves.  We’ve got one rooster (a mix of silver hamburg and delaware that a broody hen hatched a couple of years back) locked in the garden for now with two brahma’s and two buff rocks that are too heavy to fly over the walls, and the other rooster (copper maran mix up that the same mama hen hatched, so they’re Brothers y’all!! . .. . ) is out and about with the golden and silver hamburgs, auracanas,  and speckled sussexes . . . . yet this morning the white rooster had escaped through a crack in the gate and Monkey Eyes found them in their 4th fight, so he caged the one and they KEPT ON FIGHTING through the cage!!  For real??  So we’ve patched the gate and he’s back in the garden but there’s something up I tell you . . . . other than cocks a fighting . . . . here’s a photograph Monkey Eye’s got before we re-gardened the one rooster . …