desert backyard home to lizards
cousins to our water loving salamanders and newty wizards
though consider:: lizards are easier to follow around
they scuttle about on the gritty ground,
to play with newts means getting in the creek
leaf mold, upturned rocks, under rotten logs taking a peek

slick, damp, muddy wet
the air itself all over you’ll sweat,
now lizard where he is it’s hot and dry
butter melts in a few minutes under the clear blue sky
no kidding, in the wrapper it turns to oil
bubbles up once its begun to boil

overflows and dries up so fast
the empty rectangular paper tells the past,
lizard wizard it was great being with you
seeing all the places you hang about too
now it’s back to newts and frogs,
fish in the pond and leaves and logs 🙂